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Brooks, Oregon
At Powerland Heritage Park

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 June 3 - Sept 24
9:30 am - 4:00 pm
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The Northwest Vintage Car & Motorcycle Museum is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization comprised of people who are interested in vintage cars, trucks, and motorcycles. We are dedicated to providing educational opportunities about vintage cars, trucks, and motorcycles for all ages. The NWVCMM is an entirely membership-owned, all-volunteer organization open to people of all ages, with or without a vehicle.

We invite you to become a member. Please click here to download and print a membership application. We welcome your donations of time, talent and financial support.

Help is needed to meet our Fundraising Goals


Fundraising continues on the “final phase” of the Museum Display Building. The new section will have a dealership display, classrooms, research library, gift shop and a multi-purpose meeting room.

Downloand and print the fundraising poster

Materials have been delivered and construction is beginning on our expanded Museum Display Building with the addition of a two-story steel and concrete structure to the existing building to give us an additional 12,000 square feet. The first phase is to construct the exterior walls as well as lighting, heating, windows, doors and the second floor. The next phase will be to finish the interior with a theater, classrooms, research library, gift shop, bathrooms and office space. The current Display Building will be freed up for a display area and functional museum space. The new section will give us room for classes, meeting rooms, banquets and school field trips.

We are seeking contributions of money and like-kind donations, such as building materials to make this happen. An endowment fund will be established to receive donations for long-term support. All donations are tax deductible. See the plans for the new building.


 There are several ways you can help:
Become a Museum Member
Donate Cash or Vehicles
Scrap Metal Drive
Purchase a Paver Stone

Please send your check to:
NWVCMM Building Fund
PO Box 15, Salem OR 97308-0015

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Scrap Metal Fundraiser

Old car parts, and scrap metal around the house, farm or business can add up to dollars when donated to the museum. Collection sites will be available to bring your scrap metal donation to locations around the Portland Metro and Willamette Valley areas.

For More Information:
Doug Nelson: 503-399-0647
Tom Ruttan: 503-638-1746
Mike Bostwick: 503-246-5444

Rosemary Bostwick Presents a Fundraising Challenge

“I want the men and women of this organization to know that I am giving the Northwest Vintage Car & Motorcycle Museum a gift of $700 towards the building of the new section of the building. I challenge all of you to match or exceed my gift for the same purpose. I want to see this building completed and the Museum standing on its own feet in the near future.” By Rosemary Bostwick

If you want to accept this challenge, write Rosemary’s Challenge in the memo field and send your check to:

NWVCMM - Rosemary’s Challenge, PO Box 15, Salem, OR 97308-0015

Brick Paver Program

Enshrine your name in the sidewalk in front of the museum. You can purchase a personalized paver brick for only $125. Larger company stones are available for $250.


Is it time for you to buy a paver stone? Perhaps that new grandchild needs one, or your new in-laws do. Maybe you have always been meaning to buy one but haven’t gotten around to it? Now is your chance! Click here to download and print the Paver Stone Order form.

Complete the form and send it with your check to:

          NWVCMM, PO Box 15, Salem, OR 97308-0015

Museum Donations

If you would like to donate or loan a car, truck, motorcycle, vintage part, memorabilia, or other vintage accessories, please click here to download and print the Donation Application form.

Please send it to:

          NWVCMM, PO Box 15, Salem, OR 97308-0015

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